Professor, D.Sc., Ph. D. - all in Biochemistry

Present Position: Prof of Department of Chemistry and Methods of its Teaching, Chief of Research Laboratory of Comparative Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,
Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatyuk National Pedagogical University


M. Kryvonosa Str., 2, Ternopil, 46027, Ukraine 
Phone: +380965956904


Fax:   +380352435894
Address of residence: Za Rudkoyu str., 14/77, Ternopil, 46003, Ukraine



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Research ID: Scopus Author ID: 57191372803


Scientific interests:
Molecular adaptation of aquatic animals; comparative study of metallothioneins, stress-related molecular responses in the aquatic animals, the development of biochemical markers for environmental risk assessment.
About 110 articles in peer reviewed journals as a 1st Author or Corresponding Author mostly, including 58 publications in Scopus, h-index 12; 11 books for students, 8 patents, 6 reviews and monograph chapters, about 100 Abstracts of international and national symposiums.
Member of Scientific Council for evaluation of dissertations (PhD and Dr of Science degrees) in biochemistry, 03.00.04 in Chernivtsy National University by Yuri Fedkovich (D 76.051.05).
Section Editor in: Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (TrJFAS) [;] since 2016 y.
Member of Editorial boards in:
·                    Scientific Letters of Ternopil National Pedagogical University by Volodimir Hnatyuk. Series: Biology since 2004 y.
·                    Біологічні студії * Studia Biologica, [ ]ISSN 1996-4536 since 2013 y.
A reviewer of peer-reviewed journals “Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology”, «Ecotoxicology», "Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety", "Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology", “Environmental Monitoring and Assessment”, “Aquatic toxicology”, ‘Marine Environmental Research’ and other. Supervisor of 6 defended Ph.D. St in Biochemistry (2005-2015 y.y.) Sci. advisor of Dr of Science in Biochemistry (2013 defended H.I. Falfushynska) Supervise of undergraduate students since 1985 y and Master students since 2003 y. in TNPU, including 5 prize winners in final All-Ukrainian student competition in the field of biology in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2017 yy., and several high-school students from the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine including the laureate of Stockholm Junior Water Prize in 2005.
Theoretical and practical courses
1995-present - Biological Chemistry, 2004-present - Molecular Biology, 2012-present - Bioorganic chemistry.


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